Thursday, December 20, 2012

Protesting Paula's War on the Poor, Mt Albert Baptist Church

 Unite Waitemata members and supporters protested outside the Mt Albert Baptist Church last Friday, where  Paula Bennet  had been invited to speak to  National Party Supporters. Whilst Paula boasted  about how she had personally  stopped  the benefit of a woman who was wanted by the police (-  before  the new Social Security legislation made this legal- ), the church doors were locked, preventing people getting either in or out.  There seems to be quite a political divide in Mt Albert.  Some passers by were sympathetic , including an Indian couple who were solid Labour voters. Others were hostile eg  yelling out "somebody has to keep them in line!" in response to our banner "John Key Don't Bash Mothers and Babies."

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stop Paula's War on the Poor!

            Protest Paula Bennett’s Welfare Destruction

9.50 am,  Friday 14th December, Mt Albert Baptist Church, 

732  New  North Rd, Mt Albert

Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development and Minister of Youth Affairs will be attending a community morning tea from 10am at the Mt Albert Baptist Church.

Join the protest outside the church !
 Bring your banners! Speak on the open mike! 
We need a real welfare state and real jobs,   not a white paper and charity! 

We have had enough of going without food, power, homes, or real jobs, whilst corporations and banks make massive profits, and pay little to no tax ! 
We’re sick of having to beg for food from WINZ and charities! 
Stop forcing us to look for jobs that aren’t there! 
Paula! Stop forcing our kids into daycare! We have a right to raise our own kids! Stop wasting our time with training courses that are useless or work for the dole in disguise. 
Not one more suicide caused by the despair of our youth because you wouldn’t help them! 
Not one more raped woman who can’t get help because of “financial constraints!” 
There’s plenty for all!  Let’s take the wealth back  from the 1% and return it to ourselves, the 99%! We created it! 

Paid and Unpaid , Unite! For a Living Income for All !

Protest Paula Bennett’s Welfare Destruction
Paid and Unpaid , Unite! For a Living Income for All !
Tel 09 8369104,    0272800080

All Welcome!
Organised by Waitemata Branch of Unite Union