Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stress and Violence

In its report on Julian Savea’s apology The Herald refers to eleven similar assaults committed by All Blacks in seven years, and quotes un-named “rugby bosses” as identifying the “pressures of the professional game” as a causative, if not an extenuating factor. It would be impolitic for some to agree with this. The government for instance, thinks it is O.K. to increase pressure on another larger group it has identified, or rather stigmatised, as being prone to domestic violence. Let’s now see them show consistency by intervening in the domestic affairs of All Blacksas well as beneficiaries.

Those celebrities who have fronted the It’s Not O.K. campaign should speak out on this issue,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Solidarity Actions in West and East Auckland against Sale of State Housing

 Ob Saturday 20th April, The  Day of Action Against  the  Sale of State Houses saw actions of  solidarity  in Glen Innes , Mt Albert and Sandringham.

 The Tamaki Housing Action Group Protested  a meeting  of developers and builders in Glen Innes.

The  "Creating Communities" group (alliance of builders and developers sponsored by Housing NZ) did a presentation in the primary school hall. The Tamaki Housing Group protested outside    with placards.  Some  went inside to challenge the developers and builders, and Housing New Zealand representatives,  and to ask questions.

In Mt Albert protesters  from Waitemata Unite, Mana, Auckland Action Against Poverty, and other supporters held a mock auction of Melissa Lee's office. The office was "sold"to a  homeless person for fifty cents. The protesters then went to Haverstock Rd in Sandringham, to protest the sale, destruction, and removal of state houses in that street. One block of land (now behind a huge fence) sold for more than $8 million dollars. 

The Mt Albert/ Sandringham protest was shown on Maori Television's Te Kaea that evening. To view the news item see" 

Monday, April 15, 2013


DAY OF ACTION!   Saturday 20th April

12.30pm: Mock Auction:
National MP Melissa Lee’s Office
779 New North Rd, Mt Albert
2pm: protest at state house, venue to be advised

Organised by Waitemata Unite
Supported by Tamaki Housing Action Group,
Auckland Action Against Poverty
Community groups across Aotearoa
Further information: 0277283090

The Housing Crisis and how it affects People.
Statement by Waitemata Unite:
 The average rent for a three-bedroom home in Auckland is $500 a week, $150 more than the national average.
If you ask a beneficiary or low paid worker “where does most of your income go to?”  they will say “rent.”
There are lots of families out there that cannot afford to pay market rent. The cutting back of the number and quality of state houses in New Zealand comes at a time of high unemployment, low wages and harsh austerity cuts. This is the time when the housing system needs to be strengthened, not attacked. State houses are being removed and sold all over the country. There are many unoccupied state houses all over the country, which should be in use for those who really need them. Instead these houses are getting ready to be put on the market. Auckland's housing shortage is forcing people to live in caravan parks!
Housing is a Human Right!
Houses for human need, not profit!
Freeze the rents!
Build at least 20, 000 (Waitemata Unite would like 50,000)
 quality state houses in the next 2 years!
No removal of state houses!