Friday, December 10, 2010

Protest at Waitakere WINZ

On Friday 3rd December, International Disability Day, 60 friends and members of Unite Waitemata Branch and Auckland Action Against Poverty, gathered outside Waitakere WINZ in Henderson to protest the increasing attacks upon beneficiaries by the National/Act Government and the Welfare Working Group, especially the attacks upon the disabled , many of whom have lost $50 per week off their incomes and are expected to be available for work, which is what the Welfare Working group has in mind for nearly all beneficiaries including mothers of babies.
It was a very lively demonstration: with those present including representatives from the Auckland Women's Centre, anarchists, the Green Party, and people with disabilities and those working in the disability sector, workers, students , beneficiaries, mothers grandmothers and pensioners, the National Distribution Union, Socialist Aotearoa and the Unite union.

After the protest, Waitemata Unite members talked to a large number of WINZ clients who were very interested in the protest and in what our union can do for beneficiaries. Some joined up on the spot and others have expressed interest in keeping in touch with us.

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