Saturday, February 19, 2011

Solidarity with Tunisian Unemployed

The following letter was wriiten in accord with a resolution passed at the Januay meeting of Waitemata Branch:

To the Unemployed of Tunisia

As a branch of Unite union dedicated to organising unemployed workers we have followed the momentous events unfolding in Tunisia with great interest.

On behalf of Waitemata branch I wish to express our profound admiration for the great courage of the Tunisians who at great personal risk have risen against the oppressive regime and against the global capitalist economic order that inflicts such great misery on the masses, and to offer our solidarity in the a struggle that is being emulated now in Egypt and beyond.

We condemn the deadly violence with which the regime sought to repress the uprising, and we condemn its attacks upon the union offices which have become centres of organisation.

We wish to extend our firm solidarity and sympathy to the families of those who have lost sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to the violence of the state, particularly to the family of Mohamed Bouazizi whose heroic martyrdom will be forever remembered.

Yours fraternally

Hon Secretary

Waitemata Branch

Unite Union

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