Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Forum: Defend our Benefits, Wages and Services !

FED UP and OUTRAGED at the Governments attacks on wages, benefits and social services?

Furious at the 90 Day Fire at will Act and the threatened destruction of the welfare system?

Fed up with price & GST hikes, cuts to health education and welfare services?

Fed up with harassment by WINZ staff acting on government instructions to reduce our entitlements?

Fed up with your contribution to society as a mother carer or worker not being valued ? Fed up with ill health, no support? and no jobs?

Outraged at being made to pay for the bosses' own economic crisis?

WHERE: WEA 9 Henderson Valley Rd
WHEN: 1:30 p.m Sunday July 31st

Come along to these forums to share your experiences with others. Air your frustration and forge the bonds of solidarity that will defeat the National/Act/Maori Party coalition’s anti-working class agenda. Discuss which parliamentary parties are worth supporting in the coming general election.

Plan non-parliamentary actions, such as protests and pickets, strikes and co-operative food , housing, health, education and childcare.

Refreshments provided
Further forums planned for August 14th & 28th, Sept 11th & 25th

Hosted by Waitemata Branch of Unite! Union
836 9104 027 2800080

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