Sunday, October 2, 2011

Waitemata Unite in March of Solidarity

On Saturday 1st October Waitemata Unite joined many others in solidarity to protest the attacks upon the working class, and to show the world -who are watching the Rugby World Cup- the real Aotearoa: those of us who are poor and oppressed, women, Maori, students, Pacifica, youth, children, low paid workers, unemployed and beneficiaries. Among the issues we protested cuts in wages , benefits education and health, theft of Maori land and seabed, deep sea oil drilling, fracking, enforced voluntary student membership, and the Search and Surveillance Bill. The people occupied an intersection in Queen St, and copies of legislation such as Social Security Amendment Act 2010, the Search and Surveillance Bill, the 90 Day Bill were burned in a bin. They plan to return in greater numbers bringing their unions with them. Photos will be posted soon, and you can look at these photos on Facebook.
Waitemata Unite, Auckland Action Against Poverty, Students, Maori, Workers, Food activists , Beneficiaries and Unemployed United :

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