Friday, January 27, 2012

Feed the Kids Paula! Stop the Hypocrisy!

Paula Bennett is trying to whip up support for the Government's "Greed Paper" which proposes harsh surveillance measures of people's lives , ostensibly to stop child abuse. This is presented as caring :but in reality the the deliberate impoverishment of more than a quarter of our children shows a complete lack of empathy towards our poorest children. Poverty and discrimination are the primary causes of domestic violence and child abuse (see article below). These policies constitute state violence towards children and their families. The Green Paper proposals are anything but caring-they are punitive and controlling whilst failing to meet people's basic needs. In Northland, a Maori community organisation was recently forbidden by CYF from providing free lunches for hungry children. This shows what the Government's real priorities are.

Today members of Unite Waitemata went to one of Paula Bennett's "roadshows" with our banners and placards; to show her and all the social workers and professionals who were going inside to watch the government's videos whilst waiting for Paula to arrive- that we will not take this hypocrisy and discrimination any longer!

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