Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Welfare Rights are Under Attack!
Stand Up Fight Back!
Stop National’s Attacks upon Mothers and Babies,
Older Women and Youth!

No to the Social Security (Youth Support and Work Focus) Amendment Bill 

Whilst unemployment sours; the government wants to force beneficiaries to compete with workers for
non-existent paid jobs on a “Job Seeker Allowance.” Only a tiny number of Invalids Beneficiaries will be exempt. Youth will get hardly any money, and instead will only have a card with which to buy permitted groceries. Even young parents will have no control over their money. Older women living alone, and widows, will now be forced onto the labour market bringing down wages. Single mothers, who are already doing the most important work of all, will be torn from their children and babies and forced to look for full or part time work.  Mothers with babies as young as one could be forced to work full time!  
The Government wants to privatise welfare which will allow private companies to make big profits out of the poor! This must stop! Mothering is work! Beneficiaries and workers have a right to a
living income and to time with our families!

May Day Pram Parade
Celebrating the Work of Mothers,
Tuesday 1st May, 2012 , International Workers Day
1pm : Assemble Aotea Square, Queen St
1.30pm Pram and Push Chair Parade
to WINZ, 450 Upper Queen St

At WINZ we will hand out  teddies and soft toys to children
Bring your prams, push chairs, toys and children!

Social Welfare not Corporate Welfare!
 Don’t separate mothers from children!
 No Privatisation of Welfare! Living Benefits Now!

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