Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farewell to William Peter Bradley, May Day 2012.

Our beloved  branch member William Peter Bradley passed away on 1st May 2012. Born on 26 November 1942, William, who was known to many of us for years as Peter, was a  tireless fighter for justice, and a champion both for people and for the environment.  With qualifications in town planning, sociology and architecture, William was way ahead of his time in promoting environmental concerns and relating them to social issues. One of the projects he was passionate about was protecting  the   Grafton gully cemetery from motorway extensions; and he was also a member of Corso. William practiced considerable kindness to those who knew him, and always had a friendly face, a cup of tea, or a room to stay in, for those came came to visit  him at his home in Coleridge Rd  across the road from the Grey Lynn supermarket, where he lived for many  decades.  A smoker, William suffered from emphysema in his later years and lived at  a residential village in  Mt Albert.  William was a pioneering researcher and prolific letter writer,  and had many letters published in the mainstream media.  A passage from a letter William wrote to his aunt in 1986 gives us a glimpse of this humanitarian and socially committed human being.

 William was farewelled by family and friends  at Grange Manor on Friday 4th May.  Our sympathies go out to his family. He will be greatly  missed.


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