Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Welfare attacks published by WINZ. Coming into action in July.

Work and Income has published details of its latest welfare  attacks.

The three new categories are
Supported Living Payment
Sole Parent Support
Job Seeker.

The Invalids Benefit stays under a new name "Supported Living Payment." Invalids are still recognised as needing support, and are not work tested.
However  Work and Income is using designated doctors to get thousands of people off this benefit.
The sickness benefit has been abolished.  All sickness beneficiaries are classified as Job Seekers even though some of them obviously cannot work! Some will temporarily have exemptions from seeeking work, and others will be allowed to seek work at limited hours.
Single parents get "Sole Parent support" which requires many parents to have to be available for work, and even requires parents with babies as young as one years old to be available for full time work if they have another child aged fourteen or over!

Here are the links to the  WINZ posts:

We have been campaigning against these attacks for years!!

We participated in a National Day of Action against these attacks last October:
See our press statement here:
See our submission here

May Day Protest 2012

See the blog archive for other other protests and statements!

You can  also  get  more information about the welfare attacks by looking at our links column.

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