Saturday, July 13, 2013

Begging to Beg

Unite Waitemata joined a protest  on 6th July against a proposed Council Ban on Begging outside Smith and Caugheys in Queen St Auckland.The Council , cheer-led by  former leftist councillor Mike Lee, is supporting calls from the heartless, rate- payer funded corporate body, "Heart of Auckland"; and  from  the  flash department store Smith and Caughey's who don't like beggars spoiling the view outside their  door.
It's not enough for the goverment to drive people and their families into destitution by sanctioning their benefits, leaving them with no income to feed their kids; now the Council wants to put the boot in by denying their human right to even beg!   Recent research in Australia shows that the majority of the homeless are single mothers with children.  Others may suffer illnesses, disabilities, or addictions.
If  starving people begging are deemed "offensive"  because they have made rich  people uncomfortable by looking too poor,  dirty, sick or untidy;  they could be fined or even imprisoned!

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