Monday, November 21, 2016

Unite Waitemata Community Branch has a new name and two Co Presidents

At our AGM we decided  to change our name to Unite Waitemata Community Branch.
This reflects the fact that we work in the community and in our union  to unite both unwaged and waged workers to stand up for our rights,  to support one other and to win a living income for all.
Our members  mainly live in West,  Central and North Auckland, near the Waitemata Harbour.

We also voted to have two Co- Presidents rather than a President and a Vice President.
The  two Co-Presidents for 2016-2017 are Christina Faumuina and Janet Robin.
Having two Co Presidents  for our branch  reflects the choice of Unite Union  to do the same.
It was hoped that having two Co Presidents  for our branch, would enable the two representatives to share the work   between them and to help one another.
It was agreed that Christina Faumuina would mainly work in the community, and that Janet Robin would mainly work with media and organising events.

We clarified the  manner of choosing the  Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer/s.
We confirmed that the treasurer is an elected position, and that up to two assistant treasurers may either be appointed by the treasurer or elected by the branch.
The new treasurer  elected for 2016-2017 is Keith Henderson.  Keith has taken over this position from Janet Robin, who has been treasurer for a number of years.
Janet Robin was elected as Assistant Treasurer, and a third assistant treasurer is Paul Robertson.
The Secretary and Co President positions will continue to be elected positions.

The new  Unite Waitemata Community Branch executive for 2016-2017 is:
Secretary : Keith Henderson
Co Presidents:   Christina Faumuina and Janet Robin
Treasurer:  Keith Henderson
Assistant Treasurers :  Janet Robin and Paul Robertson

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