Thursday, October 28, 2010

UK Cuts rely on women replacing welfare


Attacks on our living conditions continue unabated worldwide as governments try to make us pay for the capitalist crisis. In the UK the ConDem Government has introduced extremely savage cuts including axing half a million public sector jobs, cutting benefits and ending the universal child benefit. Selma James from the Global Women's Strike says that this will leave women's unpaid work to take up the tab.

She says that after World War Two "millions demanded socialism- and the welfare state was what we got." This has been eroded by successive governments including Thatcherism ("there is no such thing as society") in the eighties (think-Rogernomics, NZ); and welfare reform legislation in recent times (beware "welfare reform" in NZ).

She argues for a society where the work of caring for children and others is given the support and importance it deserves and calls for us to get active in a strong fight back. .

The Tory 'big society' relies on women replacing welfare

Families with children will bear the brunt of privatisation and cuts – leaving carers with more unwaged work than ever

Thursday 21 October 2010 20.35 BST

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