Monday, January 10, 2011

Hateful Speech Prepares Way for Welfare Cuts

Michael Laws calls beneficiaries "ferals", "disproportionately Maori", implies that sole parents are by definition incapable, and advocates sterilisation to stop us "breeding", taking children from their parents, (stolen generation anyone?), abolishing all welfare, state housing, legal aid, to solve the social problems caused by poverty, colonisation, unemployment and the right wing economic reforms.
Here is some of his poisonous hate filled abuse:

"The irony though is that it is state policy to encourage ferals to multiply. First, we keep their children within their family/whanau. We even legislate that this is the appropriate setting even if the parent – because they are usually sole – is unable to parent properly. Secondly, we provide the welfare system to deliver the subsistence they need not to work but to drink, drug and procreate. In fact, again, we provide the incentive. Have a child and have an income – state guaranteed. And that's a viable option if you left school at 15 with no qualifications and no show of ever getting any. Thirdly, we provide a state house, and, if they get in trouble with the law, state-funded legal aid.

This is racist sexist hate speech . He treats us as less than animals, with less rights to life. Rather than valuing all human life he wants to eradicate us. Rather than appreciating the work and contribution that single mothers make, raising the next generation; he would rather starve us out, and take our children off us. What exactly is the difference between the views of Laws and those of a nazi , a fascist, or an ethnic cleanser?

The climate being created by Michael Laws, the Business Round table- influenced Welfare Razor Gang , and Prime Minister John Key (who can flippantly gamble on whether cutting benefits would cause mass starvation or not) , one of hatred and disregard for the fundamental human rights of 338,000 New Zealanders- is setting the scene for massive cuts in benefits in the following term, if National gets in again; to pay for their tax cuts for the rich and any fallout from the international bankers' crisis.

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