Monday, January 10, 2011

Why beneficiaries should fear the right wing

from Tumeke:

Remember how rising GST so the rich could get a tax cut was supposed to 'turbo charge' the economy? Those were Bill English's words, apparently those words don't matter, because alongside lying about rising GST and claiming that if he cut the benefit to all 330 000 beneficiaries that bugger all would die, those words don't matter because according to a poll, we all 'like' John Key, so policy doesn't matter.

Words matter, and the words English used were 'turbo charge'. Sadly it seems borrowing for tax cuts doesn't help our savings and because of the higher GST, the tax take diminished and we are left with a$2 billion deficit that Bill English intends to make up by making massive cuts into welfare .

Let's make this clear to the 338 000 beneficiaries in NZ who at those numbers represent 14% of the 2008 electorate, if National get into power in 2011, they will destroy the Welfare State and leave you all to rot.

The ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang Paula Bennet concocted to do her dirty work are preparing for their blood letting.

Surprise, surprise - the former president of ACT, Catherine Isaac. A day after the Welfare Working Group first met on April 30th, Roger Kerr, the Executive Director of the Business Roundtable published an opinion piece in the Dominion Post claiming unemployment is a political choice, as in the poor choose to be poor.

Roger rages against the welfare machine by claiming if only we dumped the minimum youth wage and weaken unions, then employers like him would hire and Ayn Rand would come back from the grave with Adam Smith and they will lay the foundations of a pure free market city state (with a weirdly overt militaristic Police force).

The kicker is, Roger Kerr is married to Catherine Isaac, he’s writing hard right send-the-kids-down-the-mine-to-work-social-policy the day after his wife’s first meeting for the Welfare Working Group.

And what about Adrian Roberts and Enid Ratahi Pryor who are current corporate welfare contractors to the Government, what possible advice are they going to give beyond 'more corporate contracts in social welfare'??? It's like having Pig Farmers set the legal welfare conditions for their pigs!

Take the ideologically stacked Welfare Razor gangs views, combine them with English's comments on making the $2billion deficit up from his failed turbo-charged-GST-tax-rise-to-fund-a-tax-cut-for-the-rich in cuts to welfare alongside Key's own comment that no one would starve if he slashed all the benefits and they all add up to growing realization that societies most vulnerable are about to get the bash.

If that doesn't frighten beneficiaries, Cactus Kate should, in her most racist casual fascist way, she spells out that Maori solo mothers (she calls them 'breeders') should be either paid not to breed or sterilized, here's Kate at her most ugly...

Kate is considered a leading light by the right wing blogosphere and her venomous anonymous posters lick up her social pus as if it is mana from heaven. Beneficiaries should read the pure hatred of these racist rednecks and understand that people like Kate and her leeches represent the real mentality of the right towards those less well off.

I find it the most disgusting of ethical molestations that the weakest and most vulnerable in society are being asked to do with less because the global economy was crashed by the greedy and corrupt, yet that is exactly what the ideologically stacked Welfare Razor Gang are proposing with their despicable bennie bashing attack on the welfare state.

If you are not angry, you haven't been paying attention. A new left conference is being planned for February.
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