Friday, November 1, 2013


If you need scientific evidence that austerity kills it can be found in the 13th April 2013 issue of New Scientist The title of the relevant article is "Austerity's Toxic Legacy: The stress of recession may trigger gene changes that threaten the health of generations" The subtitle summarises the views of medical researchers working in  the field. Here are some quotes from the article: The March 2013 issue of The Lancet reveals that "suicides in Europe have soared since the financial crash in 2008, with 1000 extra deaths in England alone by 2010. Like wise, the incidence of mental disorders has increased in countries worst hit by the debt crisis..." "A study as far back as 1979 ... showed that in the UK between 1936 and 1976 deaths from heart disease began to rise between two and three years after periods of high unemployment, and continued for a decade. A 2006 study in the Netherlands covering the years 1815 to 2000 showed that generations born during recessions have abnormally high rates of early death."

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Despite of copyright protection, it appears to be all right to present this link to an online version of that article on the New Scientist:

This is just an "intro" or headline:

"In making deep budget cuts, politicians are experimenting with the health of nations, not just their wealth"

I trust this will assist to get hold of the actual story.