Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remits to Unite National Conference and AGM

The Unite Waitemata  AGM passed the following remits to  be sent to  the Unite National Conference and AGM on 25 and 26  November at the Freeman's Bay Community Centre.

Unite calls for minimum wages and benefits to be at the level of a living  income.

Unite Calls for One Year’s Paid Parental Leave.

Unite calls for all carers of their disabled adult family members to have the right to be employed by the state on a living wage.

Unite Calls for Working for Families Tax Credits to be extended to Beneficiary Families.

Unite opposes all benefit sanctions.

Unite opposes compulsory drug tests, compulsory training, working without pay, compulsory childcare and compulsory medical visits for beneficiaries and their families.

Unite opposes work testing of parents, the sick and disabled.

Unite opposes the use of WINZ trained designated doctors to provide alternative diagnoses to the diagnosis provided by the beneficiary’s own doctor.

Unite opposes “income management” for youth.

Unite opposes contracting out WINZ functions  to private  providers.

Unite calls on the Government to create real jobs for those that need them.

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