Thursday, June 10, 2010

Savage Cuts Coming- Stand up Fight Back

Bully Bennett has been devising a much worse attack upon beneficiaries at "welfare" forum which started on Wednesday. She has been taking the advice of a right wing panel which includes an open classist / impliedly racist writer and people representing organisations who make money out of beneficiaries. No beneficiaries, or members of pro-beneficiary groups such as the Child Poverty Action group, the Green Party (which does have modest pro-beneficiary policies), or organisations who give services to beneficiaries such as the Wellington People's Centre, or who represent beneficiares, such as Waitemata Unite, were invited to this panel or this forum.

Bennett says she is looking forward to getting ugly with beneficiaries and their supporters who stand up to her attempts to savagely cut our livelihoods. In the pipeline are an insurance model for benefits and cutting long term benefits all together.

I wonder what Bennett thinks people whose jobs and benefits have been taken away; who may have spent their lives working selflessly in public service,or being exploited by their boss, or doing unpaid labour such as child rearing or caring for the sick, or have been sick themselves; are going to live on? Prostitution? Crime? Well she'll have plenty of clients ready for the first option; and plenty of prisons for the second.

Beneficiaries and Workers must unite against these save attacks upon all of our livelihoods. They are a massive attack upon the working class! Unions need to support their employed and unemployed members, and Unite should be showing the way, since it was set up in the 1990's to do just that!

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