Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welfare Loss is the Real Scandal

Amidst all the hoo har about politicians' credit card spending, "A significant shake-up of the welfare system is on its way and most people have not even noticed", writes Dr Dr Louise Humpage, sociology department, University of Auckland in the Readers Forum , NZ Herald, today.

The principal of helping according to need is gone: -instead the government is " shifting New Zealand towards an insurance based model of welfare funding which means a direct link between how much we pay (through taxes) and how much help we receive in times of need."
"This will leave all of us-but especially women, people dealing with disabilities or illness, and children-even more vulnerable in hard times than we are now."

The so called "wefare forum" seems to have been set up to provide the ideological justification for legislation which will massively cut entitlements to benefits including having a time limit they can be received. The groundwork for this loss of entitlements was passed in the Social Security Amendment Act 2007. See below .

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