Friday, June 11, 2010

Universal Basic Income?

Some people including Sue Bradford and some Greens think that a Universal Basic Income is the solution to benefit problems arguing that it guarantees a basic income for everyone with no shame involved.
But is it?
A UBI is unlikely to be introduced when the capitalists are intent in making us pay for their crisis. Even if introduced it's unlikely to be at liveable levels.

It could be used as a back up for the dreadful insurance model of welfare that National proposes where workers have to pay in advance for any times when they might be out of work-as if they aren't already under taxation and through the profits capitalists make. Under the insurance model; beneficiaries would lose all support when the insurance runs out after a year or two.

Then it would be starvation, prostitution or crime.

A UBI could soften the blow; but would be extremely unlikely to be enough to give a life of dignity or social inclusion.

The opposite trend is occuring. In the UK they are set to abolish the universal child benefit which was ditched in New Zealand decades ago.

However perhaps something like a UBI could still be worth fighting for as a principle that we could take into a socialist society.

What do people think?

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