Wednesday, August 11, 2010

John Key declares war on beneficiaries

Beneficiaries protest National's "Futures Focus" anti-welfare legislation

If I Paula Bennett's assurances sounded too good to be true last night, John Key's comments published today confirmed this. He is determined to do stop beneficiaries getting the support they need, such as a liveable income for themselves and their families.

Nowhere is it acknowledged that mothers contribute to our economy by working hard to raise the future workers. National is not creating any jobs, it just wants to slash benefits for those who cannot find them.

We need to fight back so that Key can see that we will not accept his planned attack upon our livelihoods. We will not accept an insurance model-which refuses money to people who have not worked enough, and stops paying within a matter of weeks-, work for the dole, forcing mothers and sick people out to unsuitable work, pushing people into the first low paid untrained job that comes along, and punishing those who can't find work.

The only thing that is unsustainable is capitalism. There is plenty of wealth for everyone, and plenty of meaningful and socially useful work -if resources were shared between us, and used for everyone's benefit. We need to create an economy that works for us, not for the bosses.

Going where National has never gone before
By John Armstrong
John Key's National Government is planning a fundamental reform of the welfare system in an election year. Photo / Mark Mitchell
While displaying a high degree of caution and retaining its right to change its mind up to the last minute, John Key's National Government is clearly steeling itself to go where no National Government has gone before.

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