Thursday, August 5, 2010

Union and Community Networks forming

Networks of community and union activists are being formed to fight the 90 day legislation and attacks upon beneficiaries.
On Wednesday 28th July A large public meeting was held at Auckland University to discuss further action after the demonstration outside the National Party Conference on 18th July. The meeting was called by Unite on Campus and chaired by Joe Carolan from Unite.
Amongst speakers from the panel and from the floor, were those calling for united community and union action.
Sue Bradford called for beneficiary groups to organise together and talked about the importance of fighting benefit cuts as well as wage cuts; Nicola from Socialism Aotearoa said it was very important to bring leaders from the community into the struggle, to express the community needs, including those of people with disabilities, and beneficiaries. Matt McCarten from Unite asked for community support to get as many people signed up as possible, to be represented by Unite in collective contracts before October,
Simon Oosterman from the NDU called for a network of community activists and union organisers to be formed.

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