Friday, November 26, 2010

Protest Henderson WINZ, Friday 3rd December

Stand up for Beneficiaries’ Rights!

Protest on International Disability Day, Friday 3rd December, 1pm, Waitakere WINZ, 36 Sel Peacock Drive, Henderson, Just up from West Wave Pool.

The National Government has been steadily taking people with disabilities off invalids’ benefits, cutting their incomes by $50 per week and forcing them to be available for work. The Welfare Working Group is now suggesting that nearly all beneficiaries, including the sick, disabled and those with children as young as one should be work tested. At the same time the government has just passed the 90 Day Act. Beneficiaries can now be forced to take any job then face a 91 day benefit stand down when they are fired for no reason. The Welfare Working Group would also like benefits to be stopped in one to five years, and to contract out WINZ services to private companies! Workers and Beneficiaries! We must stop this two pronged assault upon our class!

Organised by:

Waitemata Unite with Auckland Action Against Poverty 021 2166937, 8369104 (Waitemata Unite) (Auckland Action Against Poverty)

Issued by Waitemata Unite

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