Friday, November 26, 2010

WWG and 90 Act Attack Beneficiaries and Workers

The Working Welfare Group issued its Options Paper today with suggestions for horrrific cuts to beneficiaries' welfare and incomes. They want to force all but 20,000 out of 144,000 single parents, sick and disabled to be available for work and do not bulk at sending mothers with babies as young as one year old out to (unavailable of course) work. They threaten to cut benefits altogether in one year with only a hardship allowance, or at the latest, five years! And they propose contracting out what should be the government's welfare work to private contractors! And this is almost the same day as they pushed through their 90 Day Act that means that sick and disabled beneficiaries and those with babies, can be forced into any work at all under threat of losing their benefits- including having to accept 90 Day Fire at Will Contracts where they can be sacked at any time for no reason at the employers' whim (for example for making a complaint about sexual harrassment or joining a union)-and then face another 91 Days Benefit Stand Down with no income at all as a punsihment for being sacked!!
These gross abuses of beneficiaries and workers' human rights have to be stopped!

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