Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unite Constitutional changes 2009

The original Constitution of Unite was in force for eleven years from 1998 to 2009 with some minor minor modifications. In September 2009 the AGM voted to change and simplify some of the rules. The purpose of Unite to be a community union to recruit and organise both employed, unemployed and beneficiaries remained.

The rules of Unite Incorporated As amended by the 2009 Unite AGM

1. Name:
1.1. The name of the Incorporated Society shall be Unite. For the purposes of these Rules referred to as
"the Union".
2. Purposes
2.1. Unite is a community based union formed:
a) to protect and further the interests of members and working people as a whole by carrying out
any policy decided in accordance with these Rules.
b) to recruit and organise workers, including marginal labour, unemployed and beneficiaries.
c) to secure the best possible working conditions for members of the Union by promoting
members' collective employment interests
d) to secure the best standard of living for members, other workers , their families and
e) to assist any other union, federation, movement or organisation for the betterment of the
working conditions, remuneration and/or welfare of its members or working people as a whole.
f) to affiliate to any other union, federation, movement or organisation for the furtherance of the
objects of the Union.
g) to prudently invest any surplus funds of the Union to increase the resources available for use as
specified in parts (a) to (e) of this Rule.
h) to uphold the principles of the Maori version of the Treaty of Waitangi including that of tino
rangatiratanga in all its work.

3. Ordinary Membership:
3.1. Ordinary membership of the Union is open to any person who supports the purposes of the union.
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