Monday, October 1, 2012

National Day Of Action Against Welfare Attacks Friday 5th October

  • 12.00: Rally Henderson Square , Catherine St, near G.N.Rd 
    12.30: March to Henderson WINZ. 
    1pm: Protest Henderson WINZ, 36 Sel Peacock Drive. 
    2pm: March to Paula Bennett's office. 
    2.30: Protest Bennett's Office, 429 Great North Rd

    Supported by:  Waitemata Branch of Unite Union, Blockade the Budget, Auckland Action Against Poverty, Citizens Against Privatisation, The Maori Party, NZEI West Auckland , Unite Union, The People's CollectiveNZ, Stand Up (Sydney),  DPB Action Group, The Green Party (more will be added as they come).

    Joining the National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms 

    The Government is bringing in drastic welfare “reforms”. Seven benefits are to be reduced to only three, and the sickness benefit has been abolished!

    Many sole parents and people with illness or disabilities will have to look for work, even full time, including some mothers with babies as young as one.
    Parents who don't use early childhood education, or don't get medical checks, and Job Seekers who fail drug tests, or miss phone calls from WINZ will have their benefits halved! People who refuse "suitable" work will have their benefits docked
    for 13 weeks!!
    Youth will only get pocket money. They will be managed by private providers,
    who can force young mothers with breast-feeding babies to do Full-time training!
    People up and down the country are outraged by these attacks!
    It is time to fight back! Join the Protests outside WINZ in your town!
    No Forced Childcare! No Punitive Cuts and Stand Downs! Full support for children, parents, the sick and disabled! Real Jobs!
    A Living Income for all!

    Note: It is not the intention to occupy the WINZ offices, as this will lead to serious issues with tresspass notices being issued. It is also not the intention to interfere with staff going about their daily work. We are protesting the system, the culture of WINZ, and government policy. We are not protesting the individual workers - harrassment of WINZ employees is NOT condoned by the organisers of National Day of Action.

    Other Centres:


    HAWKES BAY  022 6014959

    CHRISTCHURCH  contact Jo on 0221726120 

    WELLINGTON - contact


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