Monday, October 15, 2012

Govt's white paper an excuse for interference

We include below (and  in our links in the column on the left )- a link to information about the Government's White Paper on vulnerable children. Our first impression is that while it quotes some valuable research about the needs of children, it's actual policies and recommendations will produce the  complete opposite of that. For example it talks about the importance of the attachment bond between a child and primary parent; but its forced workfare for single parents  and forced daycare  for tiny youngsters and  in some cases babies, will  do its best to destroy  such a bond, or prevent it from forming. The government's approach seems entirely punitive, rather than nurturing and building a groundwork for happy and healthy family relationships.
We will respond more fully soon!
Meanwhile the Children's commissioner is caling for submissions  to help them combat child poverty.
And many people are writing submissions against the draconian welfare legislation currently going through parliament.

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