Monday, October 1, 2012

Why We Support the National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms

Press Statement:  National Day of Action Against Welfare Reforms, 5th October 2012,  
By Janet Robin, President, Waitemata Unite.

“The Waitemata Branch of the Unite Union supports the National Day of Action Against the Welfare Reforms this Friday October 5th.”
“We will be joining the protests at 12 noon at Henderson Square, 1pm at WINZ Henderson (36 Sel Peacock Drive) , and 2.30pm at Paula Bennett’s Office (429 Great North Rd).”

“ We are appalled at the cruel, punitive, discriminatory and short-sighted measures the National Government is taking against poor families, youth, and the sick and disabled! ‘”

“Forcing small children and babies into childcare and their mothers onto the job market is wrong.  Parenting is work and single parents are doing the work of two! They raise our future workers and tax -payers. Children are our taonga!” “ Parents must choose whether day care or paid work is right for their family.”

 “Taking money from our poorest families is state violence against children.”
“It is not OK for 270,000 New Zealand children to live poverty. Kids are hungry!”
“It’s not OK to control parents by punishing their children.” “It is not OK to make the poor pay for the bankers’ and corporates’ crisis.”  “Deliberate impoverishment of children contravenes the United Nation’s Rights of the Child!”

“Taking money from youth stops them being able to manage their own lives; and gives the control to private providers who do not know their needs.”
 “Forcing the sick and disabled into work may spread disease, and cause worse illness or even death.”

The real welfare reform needed is to raise all benefits to a living income!” “Discrimination against families on benefits must stop! “Working for Families
Child tax credits and a Universal Child Benefit must be available for all families.”
“We call for full economic and social support for parents, carers, the sick and disabled.”
The government must create jobs; raise the minimum wage, and make tertiary education free! “It needs to build the welfare state not destroy it.”
 “It must stop the privatisation of health, education, welfare and water, and return them to the people.”
“We call on workers, students, parents and beneficiaries to unite against these attacks! Let’s build strong communities, support each other, and create a better society.”

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