Monday, February 9, 2009

Food Price Crisis

Join the growing…

(The fruits of the free market!)


The bad news is that worldwide rocketing food and fuel prices are forcing billions into extreme hardship if not starvation. In Aotearoa hard won and long overdue wage increases are being swept away as price rises outstrip them. Meanwhile welfare benefits remain virtually at the 1991 levels imposed by Ruthenasia.

The good news is that worldwide the masses are revolting against the threat to their very survival. In Egypt, for example, riots have forced the government to introduce subsidies. In South Africa workers are showing the way with a more organised response and are mobilising today in a general strike.

Corporate bosses may disingenuously blame one another for rampant price increases. Yet no public inquiry presided over by profiteers or their minions can be trusted to identify the ultimate cause of the phenomenon as an exploitative system founded upon production for the sake of profit.

For decades the sycophantic media have been singing the praises of globalisation and the free market. Their paens of praise have become more muted lately as the capitalist economy spirals yet again into one of its recurrent depressions, and even middle class savings are threatened.

This depression is potentially far more catastrophic than any preceding it, and rocketing prices are a symptom of the system that has spawned it. Only the revolt of those most adversely affected by it, namely the international working class, can avert its grim consequences through resolute united action.
End corporate subsidies, tax-breaks and other privileges!
Subsidies now for food and fuel for all!
Abolish GST! Fund social services through progressive taxation of the profiteers!
And, since these measures will only ameliorate the symptoms of a crisis ridden system:
Expropriate profiteering enterprises and place them under workers’ control!

2:00 P.M. Saturday 9th August
WEA 9 Henderson Valley Rd

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