Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rally against the 90 Act! This Saturday, 12 Noon, Aotea Square!

There will be a mass rally against the 90 Day Act this Saturday , 12 Noon, February 28th , at the Aotea Square, Queen Street , Auckland.

Waitemata Unite's President says:
This legislation is really dangerous for beneficiaries who may be forced into unsuitable work, then sacked, then refused a benefit because they have been sacked! We need to resist all sackings, and make sure all our unions do too, especially UNITE! The good thing is- you can stay in UNITE no matter what; and the Waitemata Branch is a voice for beneficiaries in the union.

Mass Action defeated the Wayne Mapp 90 Day Bill before. We need mass action to defeat this current 90 Day Act.

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