Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop Rocketing Prices!

Are you or your kids hungry, sick, freezing?
Can't afford clothing, shoes, food, decent-or any- housing?
Can't run a car, and no decent public transport available?
Did your income drop when the Special Benefit was abolished?
Are you sick of having to re-apply for Temporary Additional Support?
Never have enough money to meet your basic needs?
Are you being refused essential child support (In Work Payment) simply because you receive a benefit?
Are you sick of having to attend meaningless work seminars ?
We all know that Food and Petrol prices are rocketing!
The system is out of control!
It is time to change it!
Voting for Governments won't work. National slashed benefits in 1991 and Labour keeps on cutting them further! Both try to push us into demeaning low paid work schemes that prevent us getting ahead into real jobs!
We need to take the power into our own hands.
When workers and beneficiaries unite! We can get results!
Join Unite! The union for low paid workers , unemployed, and beneficiaries!
We got youth rates up. Now its time to get all wages and benefits at liveable levels !
Abolish GST !
Affordable public transport and state housing for all!
We want a Price Freeze now!
Come to our Forum on the Cost of Living
Share your experiences !
Let's plan some actions!
Issued by the Waitemata Branch of Unite!, the union for low paid workers, unemployed and beneficiaries, June 2008 8369104
Together we can change this!

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