Thursday, February 26, 2009


On Saturday Unite Union is presenting the "Rat Patrol" to help fight unfair sackings to the public in Aotea Square at 12 noon. Dozens of people have volunteered to join an on-call squad to protest against employers who sack people unfairly. They will be marching.
A new law comes into force on Monday which allows workers in smallbusinesses to be sacked for any reason, or no reason at all, in theirfirst 90 days of employment.
The law has been dubbed the 90-day fire at will law by unions.
Unite National Director Mike Treen says “The Rat Patrol volunteers are telling employers that if the government takes away peoples' right to legally challenge an unfair dismissal then we have to take action outside the framework of the courts.”
The Rat Patrol is named in reference to a 6metre high inflatable rat the Unite Union uses when picketing employers’ premises with a sign aroundits neck saying "Don't be a rat: Give workers a fair deal”.
“We want as many volunteers as possible to join the Rat Patrol by registering our website “ said Mike Treen.
“Our goal is to have several hundred people registered as willing and able to respond to appeals for help on short notice. There is loads of anger in the community about the new law, and people love the idea of bringing the giant inflatable rat to shame their own rat bosses.”

From: "We Won't Pay For Your Crisis" an organised fightback against attacks upon the working class during this capitalist crisis.

For more information about the Rat patrol and "We Won't Pay For Your Crisis" meeting times contact Unite Waitemata Branch Secretary Keith tel: 8340604

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