Monday, July 19, 2010

Dual Attacks on Workers and Beneficiaries

National's dual attack upon workers and beneficiaries is like a mirror image of National's 1991 benefit cuts and Employment Contracts Act. The TUC leadership and delegates failed to vote for a general strike against the ECA in 1991-leading to a decade of stagnation of workers' rights and union activity. When Labour came to power it introduced the Employment Relations Act (ERA), and unions began to begin to slowly regain their memberships -but Labour did absolutely nothing for beneficiaries-even excluding us from the Working for Families tax concessions.

Now once again National makes even worse attacks on beneficiaries by work-testing the sick and parents; putting time limits on how long you can receive one; and suggesting a Canadian-style insurance scheme which would prevent the majority of us from ever receiving anything at all!

And National attacks workers with its new anti-worker legislation which will mean anyone can be sacked without reason for the first 90 days of work; and stopping unions from being able to go onto worksites. It's also limiting workers' rights to take personal grievance cases against wrongful dismissal.

This will deny a new generation of young workers the opportunity to join unions and to fight for better wages and working conditions. With Employers sacking workers at whim, many more will be joining the ranks of the unemployed in an endless merry go round.

Beneficiaries and employed workers need to Unite for a living income for all!

This time, union and community members need to make sure that our delegates and leaders agree to our taking strong action to resist these attacks, including strikes. Unions are our fighting muscle. Any delegate or leader refusing to endorse effective actions must be replaced .

Read Sue Bradford's commments on this dual attack upon workers and beneficiaries here:

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