Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Privatising Schools, Sacking welfare workers, UK

The UK is fast tracking legislation giving school boards the option to apply to become "academies" ie private schools, with no consultation with students or parents.

Sound familiar? Small boards empowered to make make decisions to privatise important public assets without consultation-shades of Auckland Super City?

The NZ national standards will pave the way for this sort of privatisation being offered to the "better" schools here, just as is being done in the UK.


Meanwhile UK Jobcentre workers are reeling this week. Having been told how valuable they have been in getting the country out of recession, this week they were told that 4,000 of them are to be sacked within the next few months. This is even though unemployment has started to rise again and, with over 2.5 million unemployed, the recovery is still a long way off.


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