Thursday, July 8, 2010

Huge Sell Off of State Houses

Housing New Zealand plans to sell or redevelop almost a third of its 69,000 houses in a 20-year plan to meet changing needs and bring private homeowners into state housing enclaves such as Mangere and Otara.

The corporation says it has identified 20,285 homes for "redevelopment, reconfiguration, outright disposal or disposal and replacement".

Whilst it used to provide housing for working families, it seems the focus is now on people with disabilities and the elderly. Thus the current houses where people live are deemed to be the wrong size or in the wrong place.

It kindly plans to get people out of their state homes in high concentration areas in order to help them become "independent".

"We are not saying that every street has to get down to 30 per cent," she said. "But the reason for that goal is that if you are trying, which we are, to help people on their pathway to housing independence, you need to have other forms of tenure that they can move to in the same area."

The corporation planned "one of the biggest reconfigurations of state housing that has ever been attempted".

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