Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Working For Families takes 1200 out of the Workforce

The number of people who have joined the workforce as a result of the Working for Families scheme are less than those who have left it. This does not make the Working for Families scheme look like a success in persuading people to work rather than receive state support.

The Working for Families Tax Credit scheme discriminates against beneficiaries and their children, who do not receive any tax credits at all for any paid work that they do.

Some single parents have gone off the DPB and onto more than 20 hours a week work ; while a far greater number of married partners have quit work to stay at home with their children and enjoy the state provided tax credits that their employed partner receives.

Why is it better for a single mother to have to work full time, and not receive any state support be at home to meet her children's needs; whilst a married woman (who already has the financial and practical support of her partner) , gets extra state support to stay at home?


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