Thursday, April 8, 2010

$20 increase not for Unemployment benefit

The $20 increase in allowed earnings from $80 TO $100  per week- promised in National's election policy-  will not be permitted for people on unemployment  or sickness benefits- only for those on the DPB, widows and invalids benefits.
On top of that many people on invalids benefits have already been transferred to sickness benefits , dropping their incomes by $49 per week.
This follows National's  earlier  abolition of the Training Incentive Allowance  which gave single parents a chance to develop a career.
Worse is to come in October when the official changes come in.(See post: Workers and Beneficiaries Unite Against this Rotten Government .)
These scandalous cuts are a dramatically worsened continuation of a trend  already started by Labour with its abolishing  of the Special Benefit and hidden benefit cuts inside increased family Support for all, and its intensive case management.

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