Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scoop Link: Mining the land and undermining the children
Mining the land and undermining the children
Monday, 29 March 2010, 1:55 pm
Column: Anne Else

Letter from Elsewhere - By Anne
Else Mining the land and undermining the
What do conservation estates and
domestic purposes beneficiaries have in common? Both of them
look after the country’s most valuable assets. But you
wouldn’t know it from the way John Key and his government
have been acting lately.
In the latest Sunday Star
Times (28 March), Rod Oram lambasts the government for
“failing to seek a robust, long-term solution” to the
mining versus conservation issue â€" one which would ensure
that “the economy and environment, treated well, can
enhance each other”. Instead, he says, “tthe government
has failed utterly to be strategic. Instead it is trying to
get by being simply tactical.”

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president said...

Anne Else links the expoitation and abuse of the land with the exploitation and abuse of single parents and unpaid carers upon who's backs this country depends. We are too valuable to be treated this way!

We'll be attending Paula Bennett's community meeting at the Surf Club at Piha on May 1st-May Day at 10 am, and asking her why she is trying to take away local control of the West Coast Beaches and why she is attacking Beneficiaries.
All Welcome. More info later, or contact