Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paula Bennett's Strange Panel

Paula Bennett's Strange Panel 

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Keith Henderson said...

One of Appaller Bennett's "expert advisors" Peter Saunders is quoted on Campbells website as saying,
"social class, not race, was the real determinant of IQ" and
"we do not need to do IQ tests to find evidence supporting the link between social class and intelligence."
So in Aotearoa, where there is a strong correlation between race and social class, Saunders is bound to conclude that race is the determinant of IQ. If he is not a racist, he is too ignorant of social realities in Aotearoa to be advising our government. Either way it is a disgrace that he is appointed to do so. Why are the Maori Party acquiescing to such crap? They shouls be demanding Appaller Bennet's resignation.