Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mayday! Unite the Fight against National's Attacks!

At 9.45 am on Saturday 1st May at the Piha Surf Life Saving Club we are going to put Paula Bennett and the National Party on the spot about their anti-welfare policies, the proposed mining of national parks, and the creation of the anti-democratic Super City.

We will ask her to justify:

Taking the Waitakeres out of local control and putting it in the hands of developers

Abolishing the Training Incentive allowance which enabled Paula herself to further her career

Forcing stretched mothers into non existant paid employment

  • Stopping benefits for people who fail work tests (Does this mean people who fail to find the non existant work?)

  • Expecting the already over -stretched Salvation Army to pick up the tab to feed hungry children and families

  • Taking policy advice from those who make profits from unemployment (see article below, Paula Bennett's strange panel)

  • Forcing an anti -democratic Super City upon Aucklanders; which will be mostly run by private companies with little to no accountability

  • Proposing to mine the beautiful National Parks in the Coromandel, Great Barrier Island, and the West Coast when the planet is already running out of precious resources

  • Shifting money from the poor to the rich by raising GST

  • Increasing surveillance of innocent people with the Search and Surveillance Bill

  • Cutbacks in ACC, Health, and Education and moves towards their privatisation

  • Privatisation of prisons.
  • Closing the Titirangi mental health service run by Mind Matters Trust
  • Cutting funding to women's refuges
  • Closing down community education programmes
  • Keeping the minimum wage and benefits at below a living income

These are just a few of the attacks upon us all! And they will not be the last!

With Attacks from all sides, we need to Unite the Fight against this National Government!

Join Us at Piha Surf Life Saving Club to show Paula that we will not accept this attack upon our civil and democratic rights, our livelihoods, our communities, and our beautiful land!

Afterwards we will join the anti-mining protesters, the May Day celebrators and the JB Hi FI Strikers in Queen St on this International Workers Day 2010.

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