Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Living Wage Party 1st May

Janet Bogle
5:26am Apr 26th
(no subject)
To janetrobin.union@blogger.com
MAY DAY! RADICAL REGGAE SOUNDS WITH TIGI NESS& UNITY PACIFIC AND HIP HOP ACT SHINE FORUM THIS SATURDAY 1st MAY 7.30pm till Late- BLUESTONE ROOMS 9-11 DURHAM LANE, AUCKLAND CBD Celebrate International Workers Day with Unite Union. Support the JB Hi Fi workers fighting for better pay. Campaign for a Living Wage PARTY! Koha at the door.

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Anonymous said...

I am from a lower middle class family but a pattern is hard to escape.

My grandmother came to live close to us when I was ten years old. At the same time I started to get in trouble at school. I started to become angry.
I started failing at school and
using drugs and alcohol.

No-one could see what was happening. I wagged school alot and almost got expelled. I began drinking every day.
I still feel like drinking everyday to cope.

Even though everything looked good from the outside what was going on inside was confusing as hell. My grandmother's husband left her with 4 kids. Her kids left young at around 15and 16. But she married again. She was secure but disabled by the abuse. Likewise her children were affected and when my grandmother moved nearer to us my mother changed. She sort of dissapeared.

I didn't care about myself and was out of it all the time. I looked after myself by putting myself into detoxs and the salvation army bridge rehab. I became very frightened of HIV aids.

I found out by playing into it. I'm glad I found out that it was a culture of submission. I still fight it today. I found out this, the most important thing in my whole life.